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BuddyCable has been globally recognized for multiple awards in product development and design. It has earned a distinct worldwide reputation for superior quality and one of the highest product standards in the technology accessory industry. Our charging cables are some of the most popular on the market today. We're not surprised that scammers and 'fly-by-nights' try to pass off fake and counterfeit BuddyCables. Unfortunately, these counterfeits fail to protect your device from over charging and are not held to high quality standards. They can become a risk for electric shock, overheat and damage your device, or erode causing fire.
These fakes may even be sold under a different name or brand. It is against Federal Patent & Trademark Laws to manufacture, sell, or possess a Patent Infringing Product. 
To avoid the scammers, purchase BuddyCable Products directly from us or from one of our trusted authorized retailers.


 PRICE A cheap price is a cheap product. If it seems to good to be true, unfortunately it is. Scammers typically prey on customers especially on websites like Ebay and Amazon. 
  RETAILER Authentic BuddyCable products are only available at authorized retail outlets or sold by BuddyCable and always carry the BuddyCable® registered trademark. 
 QUALITY BuddyCable products are always held to the highest quality standards and use only the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques. 

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Hello! I would like to report a Counterfeit BuddyCable or Patent Infringing 2in1 Dual-Use Charging Cable for Lightning & Android/Micro-USB, to the BuddyCable Support Team. Date: 00/00/0000. Location (Retail Store/Website Name/Seller Name): Retail/Website Name & Seller Name. Was this a Counterfeit BuddyCable? (Yes/No) Was this a Patent Infringing Product (2in1 Dual-Use Charging Cable for Lightning & Android/Micro-USB) Sold Under a Different Name? (Yes/No) If Yes, Please specify the Retailer/ Website & Seller Name: Seller Name: Illegal17. Thank you! 

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Why BuddyCable

 ZERO DOUBT Never Need To Guess What Charging Cable You Need Again! The BuddyCable is Compatible With Over 8,000+ Sophisticated Devices Like: iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5, and Micro-USB devices such as; Beats Wireless Headphones, Amazon Kindle (Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HDX, and Kindle Paperwhite), Samsung Galaxy Smartphones and Tablets, HTC One and Motorola Droid Smartphones, Windows Tablets, GPS Devices, Nexus 7 Tablets, and PSP Game Consoles- Just To Name A Few

 CONFIDENCE No More Removable Tips, No More Moving Parts, No More Changing Tips. It's Easy-To-Use, Intuitive, and Patent-Pending Design Is Universal Intuitive Charging

 STYLE Available in Multiple Materials and Colors, We Are Always Working To Add New Materials And Colors For Future and Limited Edition Production Runs. From Ferrari To Bentley, From Prada To Coach, Choose The BuddyCable That Expresses Your Personal Style

 AWARD WINNING 24/365 Support & Customer Service Team (Phone, Email, Live Chat) The BuddyCable Team Is Ready Anytime To Provide Assistance For Any Reason Such As Warranty Registration, Rewards Redemption, Reporting Counterfeits, And Questions

View/Download the BuddyCable® Operating Manual (PDF)

What makes the BuddyCable® better than other charging cables on the market?

In addition to many features, the most important is that we have incorporated our patent-pending connector technology. The connector tip is designed to fit into both a micro-usb (Android devices) and IOS lightning (Apple devices). It is as easy as turning the tip around. No need to have multiple charging cables or changing annoying charging tips again! Our cables are made from high-quality and durable materials such as leather, denim, and braided nylon. The gold plated connectors are laboratory tested to ensure functionality for over 20,000 connections.

Does the BuddyCable have a warranty?

Yes, all BuddyCable orders come with a 1-Year Limited Warranty. See Warranty and Disclaimer for details.

Can the BuddyCable damage my phone in any way?

No. Months of field testing were completed to ensure the connector tip will not damage any type of device in any way. The connecting tip plugs into each type of device in the same way as the standard charging cable.

Is it easy to remove the tip from the device?

Yes. The cable will remain plugged in during daily use and even when the phone is dropped. However, it can be easily removed without any effort. 

What is the length of the cable?

The length of all BuddyCable cables is 1.1m (3.60ft).

Does BuddyCable cables support data transfer for Apple and Micro-USB (Android) devices?

Yes, at the same rate or faster than standard cables on the market today.

Can I connect BuddyCable cables into my laptop, computer, car charger or power bank?

Yes, all will work with any device that is USB compatible.

Will the BuddyCable Cable affect the charging speed?

No, the BuddyCable will not change the charging speed of any device and is made to supply the maximum charging speed for smartphones or other compatible electronic devices.

Does BuddyCable support QC2.0 or QC3.0?

BuddyCable can support up to 5V/2.4Amps. This is more than typical cables on the market. It may support the maximum speeds of Qualcomm Quick Charge technology but this has not been tested on all available devices. We have performed tests with a QC2.0 charger and charge speeds are equivalent to a standard charger from 0-100% battery capacity.