BuddyCable Affiliate Program


Two reasons why you should join the BuddyCable Affiliate Program--> Cash & More Cash! Get Paid Fast by: PayPal (Preferred Method), Check, Electronic Transfer, Money Order, or BitCoin. 


TheBuddyCable.com Affiliate Program - For Online Publishers.

BuddyCable Online Publisher Affiliate: The BuddyCable Affiliate Program uses effective tracking services that allow an approved publisher to place our banner ads, photo links, or text links on your website which direct a customer to our secure website. The best part of all- you earn money while you sleep. Knowledge is power and we encourage our publishers to watch their earnings in real time or check occasionally and update accordingly if ads and promotions customers are more responsive than others. When a sale is made by a customer referred by you- YOU EARN A 10% COMMISSION!* IT'S THAT EASY! Our 30-Day Cookie means If someone clicks on your ad and purchases later, within 30 days, you will be credited for the sale. Publishers are paid on the first day of each month by PayPal (Preferred Method), Check, Electronic Transfer, Money Order, or BitCoin. Keep in mind- Publishers can also give an in-person referral! Obviously, only one commission can be given per sale. (Limit One Commission per Customer Purchase) 

2. BuddyCable's Awesome Affiliate Customer Service.

The BuddyCable Affiliate Program's customer service is awesome. If you have any questions or special requests, contact your Account Manager by phone, email, or by Facebook Messenger anytime! When a customer places an order, BuddyCable USA takes care of order processing, billing, shipping, and all customer service and support. We have a dedicated 24/7 BuddyCable Support Team whose only focus is happy customers > who love to shop with us! TheBuddyCable.com is a secure website that offers our customers a straight forward and easy-to-use shopping experience. 

3. BuddyCables sell THEMSELVES.

Apple's iPhones, including the brand new iPhone X, and iPads sold that feature the Lightning Connector are well over 500 million. Micro-USB devices used by consumers worldwide number in the billions. There are literally millions of people who have each Lightning and Micro-USB devices out there and who need a BuddyCable. With unmatched compatibility, quality, and customer service, the BuddyCable offers the best charging cable on the market. 

Please note.

Affiliates must adhere to all BuddyCable Affiliate Program Policies which include, but are not limited to; certified business entity, authorized advertisements only, must not or have ever been in violation of: cyber-squatting, cyber-click-fraud, cyber-spam, email-spam, trademark infringement, and all other actions which may be found to be in violation of our program. By Joining the BuddyCable Online Publisher Affiliate Program; an individual, group, or entity understands all program terms of use, policies, and procedures; any policy violation may result in termination of relationship and loss of fraudulent earnings.

*10% Commission is Subject to Change, Policy, & Terms.

Please Refer to our Affiliate Online Publisher Program Policy

Please Refer to our 10% Commission Policy & Terms